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Chain Reaction

Series 30 - Episode 35 Chain Reaction



Control freak emergency department boss Connie looks like she’s run headfirst into a tree when she spots romantic chemistry between her ex-boyfriend Jacob and new consultant Elle.

But Connie has nothing to fear. The pair are old mates, so old that Jacob, excruciatingly, refers to Elle as “Pancake”. In the accident of the week there’s an explosion at an ailing factory – someone’s tampered with “the reactor”. What is this, Sizewell B?

And Dylan’s ghastly, wastrel father is back, injured smashing a car window after accidentally locking his baby daughter inside. Dylan, sweetly, tries to talk to his half-sister (“You’re pre-verbal, so I can be frank”), but this is not a happy family. 


Dylan receives a nasty surprise when Bryan turns up at the ED, having cut his hand smashing a window after locking baby Rihanna in his car. While Bryan apologises for his past behaviour, Dylan is not so sure he can ever change. Connie discovers Jacob and Elle are old friends, and the pair are given a chance to catch up while dealing with injuries at the scene of a factory accident. However, when Elle starts asking strange, probing questions about the status quo at Holby, it becomes there is an ulterior motive behind her recent arrival. Meanwhile, Charlie encourages David to be more confident, and Big Mac lies to Noel about seeking help with his addiction.

Cast & Crew

Elle Gardner Jaye Griffiths
Jacob Masters Charles Venn
Connie Beauchamp Amanda Mealing
Dylan Keogh William Beck
David Hyde Jason Durr
Iain Dean Michael Stevenson
Jez Andrews Lloyd Everitt
Lily Chao Crystal Yu
Max Walker Jamie Davis
Charlie Fairhead Derek Thompson
Big Mac Charles Dale
Noel Garcia Tony Marshall
Robyn Miller Amanda Henderson
Louise Tyler Azuka Oforka
Rita Freeman Chloe Howman
Henrik Hanssen Guy Henry
Brian Carroll Matthew Marsh
Hazel Leyton Vicky Hall
Rosa Sarwar Rukku Nahar
Saeed Sarwar Vincent Ebrahim
Philip Mayhew Joel Phillimore
Director Jermain Julien
Producer Gail Evans
Writer Jon Sen
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