Inside Birmingham Children's Hospital

Inside Birmingham Children's Hospital

Series 1 - Episode 2



The familiar emphasis of a hospital doc is shifted slightly in this series. There’s not much about life as a paediatric doctor, or even a lot of time spent on the children themselves. It’s about the experience of being a parent, and how it feels to have to surrender control when medical problems take away the perfect family life you’d planned.

Parents of two teens – one who self-harms, another who is blind in one eye and tiring of all the fuss – talk movingly, clearly wishing things were different. On the flipside are Charlotte and Dan, whose baby has a cleft lip. It needs fixing, but handing Lily over for the op means saying goodbye to their child as they know her.


Three families dealing with difference at Birmingham Children's Hospital, including 17-year-old Tijana, who was born with eyes that are unusually small and has reduced vision. First-time parents Charlotte and Dan have just had baby Lily, who was born with a cleft lip and palate, and against their protective instincts, they are putting her forward for corrective surgery at just six weeks old. Meanwhile, rock fan 14-year-old Ellie and her dad Gary bring their own unique energy to the Emergency Department, but Ellie's mood is volatile as she battles feelings of depression.

Cast & Crew

Narrator David Tennant
Director Marc Williamson
Editor Christopher Bird
Producer Marc Williamson