Series 1 - Episode 3 Decider



Reeling from the revelation that his dad has another family, Jamie eventually finds his way home to face the music and is forced to admit to Mike that he stole his money. Jack and Boggie try to help Jamie deal with Hansard - with Jack persuading Jamie that an apology would help and Boggie using his guile to cement Jamie's second chance. When the truth comes out about why his father really left, Jamie lashes out, threatening to ruin everything all over again. However, a selfless act on the pitch shows Hansard what Jamie's really made of, and out of it comes a prize beyond Jamie's wildest dreams.

Cast & Crew

Jamie Johnson Louis Dunn
Jack Olivia Lava
Boggie Jonathan Kimmins
Dillon Patrick Ward
Harry Theo Chapman
Mum Emma Stansfield
Mike Tim Dantay
Mr Hansard Brian Bovell
Teacher Tim Evans
Porter Andre Squire
Tony - Hawksmoor Chairman James Hooton
Ian Reacher Santiago Mosquera
Himself Gary Lineker
Leon Tibbs Roy Carroll
Stadium Commentator Colin Slater
Director Joe Talbot
Producer Sam Talbot
Writer Sally Rosser
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