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Series 1 - Episode 1 January



We meet 50-something Cathy (Lesley Manville) on the day she’s burying her husband, Dave. It’s also the first time she meets son Jason’s new girlfriend Kelly, a none-too-bright girl with a knack of saying the wrong thing. Asking to borrow a pair of knickers to wear at the funeral? Wanting to take photos to show her mum? Maybe not the best ideas. And the rest of Cathy’s family (including Karl Johnson and Marlene Sidaway as her in-laws) are no better.

Made by the team behind the Bafta-winning Him & Her, this is observational comedy at its most painful. The agonisingly repetitious exchange between a surprisingly patient Cathy and her aged in-laws about what constitutes a buffet will strike a chord with many. Manville’s Cathy sails through all the awkward moments until, in an emotionally charged monologue, she displays just how distressed she is.


The morning of Cathy's husband's funeral arrives, and her family gathers at the house to wait for the cars. Battling her brother's partner and meeting her son's new and over-enthusiastic girlfriend Kelly, Cathy prepares herself for a day of great emotion, with a little help from her friend Michael. Yet amid the grief, she is determined to find out who she is again, and possibly find love a second time around. Family comedy, starring Lesley Manville and Peter Mullan.

Cast & Crew

Cathy Lesley Manville
Michael Peter Mullan
Jason Sam Swainsbury
Kelly Lisa McGrillis
Derek Ross Boatman
Pauline Dorothy Atkinson
Reg Karl Johnson
Maureen Marlene Sidaway
Sam Matthew Aubrey
John Ray Emmet Brown
Director Richard Laxton
Executive Producer Stefan Golaszewski
Producer Lyndsay Robinson
Writer Stefan Golaszewski
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