Never Seen a Doctor

Never Seen a Doctor

Series 1 - Episode 2



Katie Piper nudges another group of nervous patients in the direction of medical – and dental – help, and this week, there are more at-home treatment methods that will make you recoil – such as one woman’s “trick” of using chewing gum to plug the gap where her front teeth should be.

Also, we meet a cheerful runner whose grandson calls the gargantuan varicose vein in his leg “the snake”, and a young girl whose Bell’s palsy leaves her in great discomfort, and unable to fully close one eye.


Katie Piper meets a woman who uses moulded chewing gum to disguise her damaged front teeth, a marathon runner who is unaware of the effect his varicose veins could have on his health, and a young woman struck by a condition that has paralysed the side of her face. Plus, a man in Wales discovers an unlikely treatment that may offer a life-changing cure for a birthmark on his face.

Cast & Crew

Presenter Katie Piper
Executive Producer Ben Gale