Killer Women with Piers Morgan

Killer Women with Piers Morgan

Series 1 - Episode 1



Piers Morgan brings us the blankly awful story of how a 16-year-old Texan girl conspired with her boyfriend in the massacre of her own family.

As we meet Erin Caffey, now 24, Morgan encourages the tiny young woman in a prison overall to sing for the camera, and as she delivers Amazing Grace, we hear her therapist tell us, “I’ve never come across anyone as dangerous as Erin and I hope I never do.”

The details of the night in 2008 when Erin’s mother and two young brothers were shot and stabbed are hard to make sense of, though Morgan tries. “It defied all logic. It still does,” says the state prosecutor.

Erin’s father, who survived the attack despite being shot five times and crawling from his burning home, tells Morgan how he came to forgive his daughter.


Journalist and broadcaster Piers Morgan travels across the USA to meet some of America's most notorious female killers in a quest to discover what drives women to kill. He travels to Gatesville, Texas, to visit Erin Caffey, who masterminded the murder of her entire family at the age of 16, and will remain behind bars until she is almost 60. Piers finds out what made a typical teenager conspire with her boyfriend to kill her mum, dad, and two younger brothers, before meeting the only survivor of the tragedy, Erin's father Terry.

Cast & Crew

Actor Piers Morgan
Series Director Stuart Cabb
Series Producer Lisa Keane