The German Woman

Series 1 - Episode 1 The German Woman



First episode of the drama, starring Michael Kitchen as a jaded police superintendent who would rather be fighting the enemy in France than crime on the south coast as the Second World War gathers pace in 1940. However, when a local magistrate's German wife is murdered amid a growing cloud of uncertainty and anti-Nazi feeling, the ensuing investigation is anything but routine. Edward Fox, Robert Hardy, David Horovitch, Anthony Howell and Honeysuckle Weeks co-star.

Cast & Crew

Christopher Foyle Michael Kitchen
Assistant Commissioner Summers Edward Fox
Harry Beaumont Robert Hardy
Thomas Kramer David Horovitch
Paul Milner Anthony Howell
Greta Beaumont Joanna Kanska
Michael Turner Dominic Mafham
Andrew Foyle Julian Ovenden
Sarah Beaumont Rosamund Pike
Samantha Stewart Honeysuckle Weeks
Elsie Kramer Elizabeth Bell
Eric Stephens Robert Pickavance
William Cassian Horowitz
Policeman 1 Neil Conrich
Official 1 Andrew Powell
Official 2 Paul Putner
Mark Andrews Benedict Sandiford
Bob Keegan Robert Goodale
Ian Judd Philip Whitchurch
Tracey Stephens Nancy Lodder
Ray Pritchard James McAvoy
Dr Julian Groves Tom Chadbon
Doctor Jonathan Hackett
Policeman 2 Sam Troughton
Maid Joanne Reeves Baker
Director Jeremy Silberston
Producer Jill Green
Writer Anthony Horowitz
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