The Secret

Series 1 - Episode 2



The second episode of this Northern Ireland true-crime drama proceeds for long stretches with no dialogue. Instead we see, step by agonising step, the working through of our extramarital lovers’ twisted plan for their unfortunate spouses.

Hazel (Genevieve O’Reilly) is daunted by the prospect but Colin (James Nesbitt) reassures her: “Nobody is going to catch us. It’s God’s plan that we be together, the best way. Lesley and Trevor will be in heaven soon, they’ll be happier there.”

It’s a masterful piece of doublethink, but then Colin is a quietly ruthless man, with a dentist’s coldness and care over details. As we watch him carry through his plan one night in 1991, it’s the details that are almost comically chilling – a bowl of pot pourri, a baby’s bottle, a kink in a hosepipe…


When Lesley inherits money from her father and threatens to leave him, it forces Colin's hand, and with Hazel's help he immediately puts his plan to murder Lesley and Trevor in motion. He pipes carbon monoxide fumes into their bedrooms while they sleep, and then stages their deaths as a double suicide in Lesley's father's garage. However, in the aftermath the police sense that something is not quite right. Drama set in 1990 Northern Ireland, starring James Nesbitt, Genevieve O'Reilly, Laura Pyper and Glen Wallace.

Cast & Crew

Colin Howell James Nesbitt
Hazel Buchanan Genevieve O'Reilly
Lesley Howell Laura Pyper
Trevor Buchanan Glen Wallace
DI Hutchinson Alan McKee
Andy Comerford David Pearse
Derek McAuley Patrick Fitzsymons
Hilary McAuley Ali White
Jim Buchanan BJ Hogg
Lily Buchanan Julia Dearden
Victor Buchanan Patrick O'Kane
Chris Clarke Mark Claney
Matthew Howell Riley Hamilton
Lauren Howell Nina Woods
Daniel Howell Murray Speers
Andrew Buchanan Jack Erdis
Lisa Buchanan Sophie Mellotte
Adapted By Stuart Urban
Director Nick Murphy
Executive Producer Mark Redhead
Producer Jonathan Curling
Writer Deric Henderson
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