Never Seen a Doctor

Never Seen a Doctor

Series 1 - Episode 1



A new documentary series that’s far less silly than its title suggests: Katie Piper gets to know people struggling with serious health conditions, but afraid to do anything about them. Among those she meets in this opener are a husband and wife whose teeth are in such bad condition that they’re forced to eat only soft foods, and a young woman whose psoriasis has damaged her confidence so much that she’s reluctant to leave the house.

Piper is an empathetic and optimistic presence, and observing the transformations in self-esteem when people concede to treatment is heartening: “Getting us through the door – that’s the hard bit.”


Katie Piper meets people who have been avoiding their health troubles and hiding from the doctor and dentist for years. They include Leicestershire couple Janice and Greg, who have serious dental issues, while in Scotland, Joanne is stuck in a never-ending cycle with her psoriasis. Will she give up her current life with friends and family to try something new?

Cast & Crew

Presenter Katie Piper
Executive Producer Ben Gale