Paul Merton's Secret Stations

Paul Merton's Secret Stations

Series 1 - Episode 1



The comedian is in his element pootling around railways with a flat cap and a boyish grin. The secret stations are Britain’s 152 request stops, beginning with Attadale on the shore of Loch Carron in the Scottish Highlands. After learning that a Victorian opium dealer turned MP had it built to serve his 30,000-acre estate, Merton attempts to artificially inseminate a wild salmon, which proves fertile ground for gags but less so for the poor fish.

His second stop is less enticing: Drigg on the scenic Cumbrian Coast Line, a low-level repository for the nearby nuclear power station where the grassy fields are actually a graveyard for radioactive waste. There’s also a trip to Ferryside in west Wales, where Merton pulls some levers at one of the few remaining manually operated signal boxes, and comes over all nostalgic.


The comedian takes a tour of Britain's 152 request stop railway stations to find out why they are there, who uses them, and the history of the area, with the aid of experts and enthusiasts. Paul begins his journey in the Scottish Highlands, stopping at Attadale to visit Lochcaroon and a local salmon farm. He then takes a trip on the Cumbrian Coast Line, getting off at Drigg and Silecroft, where he meets a group of fell runners. Finally, he visits Ferryside in Pembrokeshire and St Keyne Wishing Well Halt in Cornwall.

Cast & Crew

Presenter Paul Meron
Executive Producer Jacqueline Hewer
Series Director Ewen Thomson
Documentary Lifestyle