Home Fires

Series 2 - Episode 5



Harvesting corn cobs is not quite on a par with barn building, but there’s a Witness-style depiction of community spirit in this episode that’s so heart-warming, you can almost see a Ready Brek glow emanating from your screen. Among those getting their hands dirty is WI stalwart Joyce, who finally starts to defrost a little after a relative pays her a surprise visit.

But once again poor Pat has miserable news: not only is Marek about to be redeployed but husband Bob has got a hefty publishing advance for his book. “This changes everything,” he says in a way that makes your heart sink.


The villagers prepare for harvest time, but Steph struggles to cope with the workload and faces losing the farm if she cannot meet her quota. A newcomer to the community stirs up tension between Sarah and Frances, while Joyce and the Brindsleys also receive unexpected visitors. Teresa faces a big decision, while Sarah finds herself in a dangerous situation. Alison discovers the real reason behind the parachute accidents and makes a horrifying connection to the factory. She races to warn Frances before it is too late.

Cast & Crew

Joyce Cameron Francesca Annis
Claire Hillman Daisy Badger
Bob Simms Mark Bazeley
Teresa Fenchurch Leanne Best
Frances Barden Samantha Bond
Steph Farrow Clare Calbraith
Sarah Collingborne Ruth Gemmell
Erica Campbell Frances Grey
Laura Campbell Leila Mimmack
Miriam Brindsley Claire Price
Pat Simms Claire Rushbrook
Bryn Brindsley Daniel Ryan
Will Campbell Ed Stoppard
Nick Lucas Mark Umbers
Marek Novotny Alexandre Willaume
Alison Scotlock Fenella Woolgar
Little Stan Farrow Brian Fletcher
Jenny Marshall Jodie Hamblet
Mrs Leveson Wanda Opalinska
Isobel Reilly Gillian Dean
David Brindsley Will Attenborough
Annie Carter Jo Herbert
Sqd Ldr Malcolm Cornell Richard Laing
Noah Lakin Oliver Nelson
Mr Lakin Philip Lowrie
AC Tom Halliwell Rob Heaps
Mr Taylor James Quinn
Stephen Banks Mark Rowley
Neil Lyons Robert Beck
Ian Lyons Stephen Fletcher
Military inspector Jonathan Markwood
Director John Hayes
Executive Producer Simon Block
Executive Producer Catherine Oldfield
Executive Producer Francis Hopkinson
Producer Louise Sutton
Writer Simon Block
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