The Miser's Hoard

Series 9 - Episode 4 The Miser's Hoard



Mainwaring, in his capacity as town bank manager, drops unsubtle hints when he learns that Private Frazer keeps his savings in the form of gold sovereigns. And you can imagine how his advice goes down with the wily Scot.

It’s a not-so-familar episode that throws up the rare spectacle of a tiddly Sergeant Wilson, a scene set in Hodges’ greengrocer’s, Fulton Mackay in his second (different) guest role for the show and Jones blowing accidental raspberries during a gas-mask drill.

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Doctor McCeavedy accidentally discovers that Frazer keeps a hoard of gold sovereigns in his home and Mainwaring tries to persuade the undertaker that his life savings would be better kept in a safer place - namely his bank. Vintage comedy, with Arthur Lowe and John Laurie. First shown in 1977.

Cast & Crew

Capt Mainwaring Arthur Lowe
Sgt Wilson John Le Mesurier
L Cpl Jones Clive Dunn
Pte Frazer John Laurie
Pte Walker James Beck
Pte Godfrey Arnold Ridley
Pte Pike Ian Lavender
ARP Warden Bill Pertwee
Dr McCeavedy Fulton Mackay
Vicar Frank Williams
Verger Edward Sinclair
Pte Sponge Colin Bean
Producer David Croft
Writer David Croft
Writer Jimmy Perry
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