The Russian House

Series 7 - Episode 1 The Russian House



Detective Chief Superintendent Christopher Foyle’s bosses are reluctant to let the quiet cop go after his resignation. “Put it simply, you’re a hard act to follow”, says a crusty police chief.
Foyle (Michael Kitchen) is adamant he won’t be around for long: “Four weeks… after that, no matter what, I’ll be going.” But can we bear to let him go?

As ever, the jolly decent Foyle is unhurried and unostentatiously clever as he unravels the mystery behind the deaths of a Russian prisoner-of-war and a respected artist shot dead in his own home, in an episode first shown in 2010.


It is July 1945 and, as Britain settles into peacetime, Foyle looks forward to retirement, but finds his life in turmoil once more when Samantha's employer Sir Leonard Spencer-Jones is found dead. Suspicion falls on Niko, a Russian PoW, who flees the Sussex coast and heads for a sanctuary in London - closely followed by Foyle, who has been sent to track him down by the War Office. But the investigation soon brings to light a conspiracy and an international cover-up which, if exposed, could bring down the British government. Max Brown joins the cast, with Michael Kitchen, Honeysuckle Weeks, Anthony Howell, Eleanor Bron and Christopher Good.

Cast & Crew

Christopher Foyle Michael Kitchen
Samantha Stewart Honeysuckle Weeks
DI Paul Milner Anthony Howell
Elsa Konstantin Eleanor Bron
Sir Leonard Spencer-Jones Christopher Good
Maurice Jones Tom Goodman-Hill
Monsieur Duveen Marcel Iures
Brigadier Timothy Wilson Tim Pigott-Smith
Adam Wainwright Max Brown
Anton Valyshkin Sam Marks
Ivan Spiakov Marek Oravec
Andrew Bennet Giles Taylor
Nikolai Vladchenko Dimitry Drannikov
Edith Milner Polly Maberly
Tom Bradley Tom Brooke
Joe Bradley Ryan Kiggell
Alex Anokhov Emil Hostina
Walter Hardiman Alister Cameron
DC Perkins Joseph Kloska
Edna Howard Linda Marlowe
Woman Valerie Minifie
Army sergeant Rob Heanley
Police officer Michael Elwyn
Police officer Jon Glover
Police sergeant Jem Wall
Fisherman Fred Pearson
Russian agent Adam Englander
Vicar Roger Swaine
Ambulance man Chris Sunley
Newsboy Ashley Horne
Director Stuart Orme
Executive Producer Jill Green
Executive Producer Jim Reeve
Producer Lars MacFarlane
Writer Anthony Horowitz
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