Series 2 - Episode 6 Wedding



This series began with a christening, and now it ends with a wedding. Maureen’s mother Joan (June Whitfield) is planning to marry again at the age of 89 and her prospective groom, Roy, is a good 20 years younger, leading Maureen’s friends to assume he’s after her money. The fact that Roy is played by Geoffrey McGivern (last seen as the slippery archdeacon in Grantchester) helps: it’s never hard to believe he has something to hide.

From there, a gently turned farce unfolds at the wedding hotel, with the script wrong-footing us as to what exactly Roy’s secrets are. In a distractingly rather-more-interesting subplot, boring Trevor (James Smith) has seen an image consultant and been advised to wear orange to be more assertive. Suddenly, his new wardrobe gives him suave superpowers, while remaining plausibly Trevor-ish, something Smith underplays beautifully.


The couples gather for the rapidly arranged wedding of Maureen's mother Joan, whose husband-to-be Roy is 20 years younger than her. However, after an impromptu stag do, the morning of the wedding sees Roy missing. The boys gain access to his room and find the groom, naked, apparently dead on the bed, and a semi-clothed maid emerging from the bathroom. June Whitfield guest stars, with Philip Jackson, Alison Steadman, Russ Abbot, Stephanie Beacham, Paula Wilcox and James Smith.

Cast & Crew

Maureen Stephanie Beacham
John Russ Abbot
Joan June Whitfield
Joyce Alison Steadman
Alan Philip Jackson
Carol Paula Wilcox
Trevor James Smith
Roy Geoff McGivern
Pat Julia Hills
Mandy Catriona Knox
Director Adam Miller
Producer Paul Schlesinger
Writer Richard Pinto
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