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Peaky Blinders

Series 3 - Episode 3



With his slow-blinking, sad, blue eyes, Tommy Shelby always tends to look haunted, and now he has good reason. If you have yet to see the previous episode, best not read on, but it dealt one of those heavy blows that Peaky Blinders delivers like a dirty great steam hammer on a Birmingham assembly line. And that was only episode two.

Now Tommy must hit back against the Italians, and it would help if his family weren’t falling out among themselves, with Arthur and John (“We’re just bin men”) jealous of pen-pusher Michael.

Tommy himself baffles everyone by heading off to Wales with his infant son Charlie in the back of a Gypsy caravan, on a sort of pilgrimage. I love the way he talks to Charlie as if he’s a grown-up (“There’s a few things we need to get straight…”). Perhaps it’s time he treated his brothers like adults, too.


Tommy responds to the Italians' actions, setting him on a path of deadly vengeance that threatens to take him to his darkest place yet - and could also splinter the family. And when he meets Grand Duchess Izabella, the real force behind his mission, he discovers there's a traitor in his paymasters' midst - one who could unravel the entire plan. Meanwhile, Polly realises the depths of her new friend's intentions for her, and Linda implores an increasingly guilty Arthur to give up the criminal life.

Cast & Crew

Thomas Shelby Cillian Murphy
Aunt Polly Helen McCrory
Arthur Shelby Paul Anderson
John Shelby Joe Cole
Father John Hughes Paddy Considine
Ada Shelby Sophie Rundle
Michael Gray Finn Cole
Charlie Strong Ned Dennehy
Princess Tatiana Petrovna Gaite Jansen
Ruben Oliver Alexander Siddig
Grand Duke Leon Petrovna Jan Bijvoet
Grand Duchess Izabella Dina Korzun
Johnny Dogs Packy Lee
Curly Ian Peck
Finn Shelby Harry Kirton
Linda Shelby Kate Phillips
Vicente Changretta Kenneth Colley
Connor Nutley Ralph Ineson
Patrick Jarvis MP Alex Macqueen
Bethany Boswell Frances Tomelty
Audrey Changretta Brid Brennan
James Monkland John Albasiny
Charles Shelby Billy Marwood
Karl Shelby George Gwyther
Border officer Sam Benjamin
Director Tim Mielants
Producer Simon Maloney
Writer Steven Knight
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