24 Hours in A&E

Series 11 - Episode 1



24 Hours, like the St George’s Hospital staff it follows, just gets on with it. The 11th series of the often heart-rending, always life-affirming hospital ob doc begins tonight, with little fanfare. But it’s another poignant episode, as three elderly men come in with ailments that fall at various points on the seriousness scale, from comic to life-threatening. Barrie, 78, has dementia, and tugs particularly hard on the heartstrings: when he’s brought in with lung problems, his wife Irene must have a difficult conversation.


Barrie, 78, is rushed in with breathing difficulties and tests reveal he has fluid on his lungs and faces serious medical treatment, while 75-year-old David is treated after falling down a flight of stairs, and 82-year-old Bob is admitted after a DIY accident at home.

Cast & Crew

Director Tim Lawton
Executive Producer Spencer Kelly
Producer Tim Lawton
Series Director Bruce Fletcher
Series Director Alex Sunderland
Series Director Jackie Waldock
Series Producer Bruce Fletcher
Series Producer Alex Sunderland
Series Producer Jackie Waldock
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