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Jungle Animal Hospital

Series 35 - Episode 1 Jungle Animal Hospital



Find it in your hearts to have fellow feeling for Bruce the spider monkey. Taken in by a Guatemalan animal rescue centre after being snatched from his mother to live as an illegal pet, Bruce has lost all instincts for the wild. So he sits, lugubrious and well away from the other spider monkeys in the ad hoc monkey troop, antisocial and alone.

Bruce’s fate will pierce your heart because spider monkeys, with their long, elegant, delicate fingers, are clever problem solvers who should be sweeping through the rainforest canopy rather than spending most of their time on the ground, like Bruce.

Elsewhere, the centre’s workers ready a group of vivid macaws for release.


The work of dedicated staff at an animal hospital in Guatemala, whose wards are full of exotic patients, many of them orphans rescued from the illegal pet trade. The film follows the team in their busiest year yet as they nurse the animals back to health, select a troop of spider monkeys for release and prepare a flock of precious scarlet macaws for freedom.

Cast & Crew

Narrator John Hannah
Director Rob Sullivan
Producer Rob Sullivan
Series Editor Roger Webb