Horizon: The End of the Solar System

Horizon: The End of the Solar System

Series 52

Wed 10 Jun 2pm - 3pm Eden
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Thu 11 Jun, 2am - 3am Eden


Towards the end of its life cycle, the Sun will expand to millions of times its present volume, swallowing us up; annihilating the life it helped to create. And there's something much bigger heading our way. The Andromeda galaxy is due to merge with us in several billion years.

We all knew this already though, right? Luckily there's a bit more to this episode than the usual doom scenarios: a whistle-stop travelogue of the planets uses small-town Illinois as a map upon which to lay out the solar system. It's a crafty new angle on scaling the celestial territory. Derek Jacobi provides, as ever, a stellar narration.


The story of how the solar system will be transformed by the ageing Sun, before coming to an end in approximately eight billion years. Astronomers can predict how it will happen by analysing distant galaxies, stars and planets in their final moments, and the programme brings these predictions to life with a giant scale model of the solar system spread out all over a town in the American Midwest.

Cast & Crew

Director George Harris
Producer George Harris
Series Editor Steve Crabtree
Documentary Science