The Tunnel: Sabotage

The Tunnel: Sabotage

Series 2



Two bodies, still strapped into their plane seats, are discovered on a Kentish beach along with passports and other personal possessions. But we don’t linger because suddenly we’re in the Channel Tunnel where two people inexplicably attack a young family in their car and then disappear, leaving a traumatised child behind. No explanation. And then we’re at a marriage of convenience, overseen by a startlingly hard-bitten Emilia Fox. Confusing, non?

While the first series followed much the same storyline as season one of The Bridge, this appears to be sailing in uncharted waters. So you’ll need to concentrate as the strands slowly begin to weave together and the ensuing Anglo/French investigation reunites newly promoted Elise (Clémence Poésy) – still struggling with her interpersonal skills – with Karl (Stephen Dillane), who’s grieving over the death of his son.

All eight episodes are available on Sky Box Sets as of Tuesday 12 April 2016.


When a couple are abducted from the Channel Tunnel, leaving their traumatised young daughter behind, French investigator Elise Wasserman and British detective Karl Roebuck are reunited as they solve the new case. However, they find themselves with bigger questions to answer after a plane carrying British and French passengers crashes into the Channel, killing everyone on board. Return of the crime thriller, starring Stephen Dillane and Clemence Poesy. In English and French.

Cast & Crew

Elise Wassermann Clemence Poesy
Karl Roebuck Stephen Dillane
Writer Ben Richards