Home Fires

Series 2 - Episode 2



A handful of Great Paxford’s men return home from the war, but one in particular is for ever altered. He’s haunted and anxious, and insists on taking what his wife feels are outlandish protective measures against a German invasion.

But none of us ever wanted to see abusive bully Bob Simms again, particularly his tremulous wife Pat (Claire Rushbrook, who’s almost heartbreaking). Just as she’s embarking on a very tentative romantic friendship with that nice Czech soldier, Bob’s back, demanding chocolate and droning on about an idea for a new novel.

And in case you’d forgotten Home Fires is notionally about the WI, there’s a meeting, and a vote for a new boss.


Laura is publicly disgraced when news of the Bowers' divorce hits the papers, with grave consequences for the surgery and her friendship with Tom. Pat is tempted by her feelings for Marek while Bob is in hospital. Steph is delighted when Stan returns home on leave, but the reunion is overshadowed by his fears of invasion. Frances discovers a secret at the reading of the will.

Cast & Crew

Joyce Cameron Francesca Annis
Claire Hillman Daisy Badger
Bob Simms Mark Bazeley
Teresa Fenchurch Leanne Best
Frances Barden Samantha Bond
Steph Farrow Clare Calbraith
Stanley Farrow Chris Coghill
Sarah Collingborne Ruth Gemmell
Erica Campbell Frances Grey
Laura Campbell Leila Mimmack
Spencer Wilson Mike Noble
Miriam Brindsley Claire Price
Pat Simms Claire Rushbrook
Bryn Brindsley Daniel Ryan
Will Campbell Ed Stoppard
Nick Lucas Mark Umbers
Marek Novotny Alexandre Willaume
Alison Scotlock Fenella Woolgar
Isobel Reilly Gillian Dean
Little Stan Farrow Brian Fletcher
Thumbs Jim Whelan
Cookie Jacqueline Pilton
Jenny Marshall Jodie Hamblet
Station ADJ Symons Robin Simpson
AC Tom Halliwell Rob Heaps
Mrs Talbot Phillipa Peak
Douglas Cameron Paul Antony-Barber
Roger Pryor Nick Sampson
Dr Neville Manford Howard Corlett
Mr Taylor James Quinn
Edith Taylor Frankie Mae Taylor
Director Robert Quinn
Executive Producer Simon Block
Executive Producer Catherine Oldfield
Executive Producer Francis Hopkinson
Producer Louise Sutton
Writer Glen Laker
Writer Simon Block
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