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Naming Ceremony

Series 2 - Episode 3 Naming Ceremony



Making comic hay from the rivalry between grandmothers at a christening might sound old-fashioned, but Boomers does so in a way that’s well observed, fresh and funnier than you’d expect.

Our Norfolk massive are on the road to a “baby-naming ceremony” – a happy occasion, if Joyce’s control-freak in-laws will ever let her get her hands on her granddaughter. “There are more pictures of Bigfoot than of me and that baby,” she grumbles.

Meanwhile, wide-eyed Carol has written an erotic novel, which Trevor finds troubling. “You said I should follow my dreams!” she wails. “Yes, follow normal dreams,” he protests. “Follow your dreams if they’re normal.”


The couples attend the naming ceremony of Alan and Joyce's first granddaughter, where Joyce thinks her daughter-in-law is deliberately keeping her away from the baby. While in attendance, John and Maureen spot a figure who could prove influential in their gaining entry to an exclusive boat club. Carol is buoyant about the erotic novel she's writing, though Trevor is concerned about where she is gathering her inspiration. Philip Jackson, Alison Steadman, Russ Abbot, Stephanie Beacham, Paula Wilcox and James Smith star.

Cast & Crew

Trevor James Smith
John Russ Abbot
Carol Paula Wilcox
Maureen Stephanie Beacham
Joyce Alison Steadman
Alan Philip Jackson
Vaughan Simon Day
Sally Julia Deakin
Suze Isy Suttie
Lee Alun Cochrane
Director Adam Miller
Producer Paul Schlesinger
Writer Richard Pinto
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