Horizon: Oceans of the Solar System

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Horizon: Oceans of the Solar System

Series 52

Sunday 7pm - 8pm BBC Four
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Mon 8 Jun, 2:30am - 3:30am BBC Four


We used to think the rest of the solar system was dry and dead. Now, scientists are discovering evidence for several places where there are seas and oceans that may support life – or may once have.

Horizon riffles through the candidates: there’s Mars and its frozen, salty ocean, which could have life locked in it; there’s a moon of Saturn called Enceladus, which has plumes of water vapour erupting from it, suggesting a vast ocean under the planet’s crust; and there’s Titan, another moon of Saturn, which has Earth-like seas… but made of liquid methane. Scientists hope to send a submarine there to find what they hold.


Although oceans define the earth and are crucial to life, recent discoveries have revealed that they are not unique to earth. Oceans have been located across the solar system, and scientists are now embarking on a journey in search of new life in places that never seemed possible. With Nasa planning to dive to the depths of a strange, distant ocean in a remarkable submarine, the programme discovers that the hunt for oceans in space is marking the dawn of a new era in the search for alien life.

Cast & Crew

Director David Stewart
Producer David Stewart
Series Editor Steve Crabtree
Documentary Science