Home Fires

Series 2 - Episode 1



We’re back in the pretty village of Great Paxford where the sunsets are the colour of ripe peaches and the hedgerows are alive with a symphony of birdsong.

As we return to eavesdrop on the lives of the doughty women who give Britain its backbone as their men fight in the Second World War, there are changes. Downtrodden Pat Simms (Claire Rushbrook) is free of her bullying husband and making eyes at a courtly Czech soldier who strips to his vest in her front room, and there’s bad news for the vicar’s wife.

The first Home Fires was a hit for ITV last year, and devotees will be pleased that its mix of expensive, well-acted soap and mild thriller remains.


The WI members of Great Paxford live under a shadow as the Battle of Britain looms on the horizon. Pat befriends a Czech soldier, but finds her newfound independence less enjoyable than expected. Laura faces the consequences of her affair, while Sarah receives some shocking news. Alison strikes a bargain with the police, and tragedy strikes for Frances.

Cast & Crew

Claire Hillman Daisy Badger
Bob Simms Mark Bazeley
Teresa Fenchurch Leanne Best
Frances Barden Samantha Bond
Steph Farrow Clare Calbraith
Sarah Collingborne Ruth Gemmell
Erica Campbell Frances Grey
Kate Campbell Rachel Hurd-Wood
Laura Campbell Leila Mimmack
Spencer Wilson Mike Noble
Miriam Brindsley Claire Price
Pat Simms Claire Rushbrook
Bryn Brindsley Daniel Ryan
Will Campbell Ed Stoppard
Nick Lucas Mark Umbers
Marek Novotny Alexandre Willaume
Alison Scotlock Fenella Woolgar
Cookie Jacqueline Pilton
Thumbs Jim Whelan
Station ADJ Symons Robin Simpson
Cdr Statham Chris Finch
AC Tom Halliwell Rob Heaps
Jenny Marshall Jodie Hamblet
Albert Stoddard Stan Cieka
Mrs Esposito Ania Marson
Richard Bowers Philip McGinley
DS Reynolds Nigel Boyle
Peter Barden Anthony Calf
Little Stan Farrow Brian Fletcher
Isobel Reilly Gillian Dean
Rev James Leo Atkin
Edith Talbot Frankie Mae Taylor
Naval officer Drew Cain
Czech soldier Jon Lolis
Registrar John Gully
Telegram boy Max Gallagher
Director Robert Quinn
Executive Producer Simon Block
Executive Producer Catherine Oldfield
Executive Producer Francis Hopkinson
Producer Louise Sutton
Writer Simon Block
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