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Matt & Seb

Series 2 - Episode 2 Matt & Seb



When Boomers gets up a head of steam there are big, silly laughs. Here our three retired couples visit their new Thurnmouth neighbours, who are holding a housewarming.

Said neighbours are a gay couple, which means a lot of the kind of comedy where well-meaning, old-fashioned people try to hide their self-consciousness about gay culture by overcompensating. To the extent that in one scene Joyce (Alison Steadman) finds herself claiming her husband Alan (Philip Jackson, dry and dour as ever) is gay himself.

There are enjoyable fillets of farce as Trevor and Carol approach the end of their “sexual Lent” and Alan tries to reclaim a family heirloom.


The residents attend a housewarming party thrown by gay newcomers Matt and Seb. However, trouble ensues when Alan spots one of Joyce's old bedside tables that he had recently thrown out, and claims his hosts have stolen it. Meanwhile, Carol is keen to leave early as she and Trevor are coming to the end of a period of sexual lent - which has raised Trevor's anxiety levels to an all-time high. Comedy, starring Philip Jackson, Alison Steadman, Russ Abbot, Stephanie Beacham, Paula Wilcox and James Smith.

Cast & Crew

Alan Philip Jackson
Joyce Alison Steadman
Carol Paula Wilcox
Maureen Stephanie Beacham
Trevor James Smith
John Russ Abbot
Matt Lee Boardman
Seb Rhashan Stone
Director Adam Miller
Producer Paul Schlesinger
Writer Richard Pinto
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