The Mysteries of Laura

The Mystery of the Convict Mentor

Series 2 - Episode 4 The Mystery of the Convict Mentor



Dan Hauser, Laura's former team captain, calls her out of the blue from his prison. Acting on his tip-off, she and Jake visit an old warehouse owned by gangster Thomas Mullens, aka the Irishman, where she finds the bodies of Sarah Price and Gary West, who disappeared after they stole $10million in unmarked currency. However, Laura has not told Santiani about the tip off and finds herself in hot water when her duplicity is discovered after Dan and Mullens escape from their maximum security prison. Laura is taken off the case, but ignores the ban and persuades her team to keep her informed of the manhunt's progress. Debra Messing stars.

Cast & Crew

Laura Diamond Debra Messing
Jake Broderick Josh Lucas
Billy Soto Laz Alonso
Meredith Bose Janina Gavankar
Nancy Santiani Callie Thorne
Max Carnegie Max Jenkins
Reynaldo West Marc Webster
Dan Hauser Enrico Colantoni
Thomas Mullens Jamie Jackson
Director Cherie Nowlan
Executive Producer Greg Belanti
Executive Producer Aaron Kaplan
Executive Producer McG
Executive Producer Jeff Rake
Executive Producer Sarah Schecter
Executive Producer Todd Lituchy
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Drama Comedy