Tribal Teens: Mongolia

Tribal Teens: Mongolia

Series 1



Nineteen-year-old nightclub dancer Courtney and 17-year-old ultra-vain Charlie face up to life on the frozen Mongolian plains as they spend a week with a family of hardy Kazakhs in a communal tent. The pair consume the local cuisine - including horse meat - and contend with only the most basic sanitation. They also learn to appreciate that for the Kazakh tribe, even getting water involves a major expedition to a frozen river to hack out blocks of ice.

Cast & Crew

Director Eddie Lewis
Director Sally Rose Griffiths
Director Tim Brocklehurst
Executive Producer David Arrowsmith
Executive Producer Andra Heritage
Executive Producer Claire Faragher
Producer Eddie Lewis
Producer Sally Rose Griffiths
Producer Tim Brocklehurst
Series Producer Jules Seymour
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