Home Fires

Series 2 - Episode 4



It seems that as soon as an inhabitant of Great Paxford has a moment of joy, it’s immediately washed away in a tidal wave of misery.

Poor Pat (one can never refer to her as anything else), having found momentary happiness in the arms of a Czech soldier, now looks set for an eternity of torment at the hands of her abusive husband. At least Teresa’s relationship with the wing commander is taking a few hesitant steps forward.

Elsewhere, Dr Campbell is elated to get good news about his health, while David Brindsley and family are shattered to hear his injuries will prevent him from working.


Pat and Marek are reconciled, but when someone sees them together, their relationship is in more danger than ever. The Brindsleys come to realise the full extent of David's injuries, and Teresa faces letting go of the past when she is asked out. Alison fears the consequences of her involvement with the Lyons, Laura is spurred into action by some happy news, and Joyce and Erica work together on a first aid meeting.

Cast & Crew

Joyce Cameron Francesca Annis
Claire Hillman Daisy Badger
Bob Simms Mark Bazeley
Teresa Fenchurch Leanne Best
Frances Barden Samantha Bond
Steph Farrow Clare Calbraith
Stanley Farrow Chris Coghill
Sarah Collingborne Ruth Gemmell
Erica Campbell Frances Grey
Laura Campbell Leila Mimmack
Miriam Brindsley Claire Price
Pat Simms Claire Rushbrook
Bryn Brindsley Daniel Ryan
Will Campbell Ed Stoppard
Nick Lucas Mark Umbers
Marek Novotny Alexandre Willaume
Alison Scotlock Fenella Woolgar
Little Stan Farrow Brian Fletcher
David Brindsley Will Attenborough
Mr Taylor James Quinn
Ian Lyons Stephen Fletcher
AC Tom Halliwell Rob Heaps
Jenny Marshall Jodie Hamblet
DS Reynolds Nigel Boyle
Brian Bennett Jason Furnival
Mr Lakin Philip Lowrie
Noah Lakin Oliver Nelson
Isobel Reilly Gillian Dean
Annie Carter Jo Herbert
Injured parachutist Jack Glossop
Director John Hayes
Executive Producer Simon Block
Executive Producer Catherine Oldfield
Executive Producer Francis Hopkinson
Producer Louise Sutton
Writer Simon Block
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