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Two Doors Down

Series 1 - Episode 4



Another slow-motion car crash of a gathering as the Glasgow neighbours end up in the Bairds’ front room again. I love the way they impose on Beth and Eric’s good nature – inviting themselves in, helping themselves to wine – in a way that is comically outrageous but just plausible.

It makes it worse that this time it’s the eve of Eric’s birthday and he’s looking forward to a quiet plate of shepherd’s pie in front of the telly – until the empathy-impaired Colin and Cathy arrive with a present Eric doesn’t get to unwrap, let alone enjoy.

Look out for Christine’s glorious funeral outfit and Cathy’s line in condolence: “I know how you’re feeling. Every dog we’ve ever had ended up getting put down and it doesn’t get any easier.”


Eric's wish for some peace and quiet looks less and less likely as his birthday nears. Beth's gift brings embarrassment to the Bairds when an old family photo is dragged out of the loft, exposing the birthday boy in all his glory. Cathy and Colin pop in to say farewell ahead of their sailing trip, while Christine and Sophie turn up in their best mourning clothes after being at a funeral, full of chat about the buffet on offer. Suburban sitcom, starring Alex Norton, Arabella Weir, Doon Mackichan, Jonathan Watson, Elaine C Smith and Sharon Rooney.

Cast & Crew

Eric Alex Norton
Beth Arabella Weir
Colin Jonathan Watson
Cathy Doon Mackichan
Ian Jamie Quinn
Jaz Harki Bhambra
Christine Elaine C Smith
Sophie Sharon Rooney
Continuity announcer Tamara Kennedy
Hotel receptionist Carole Anders
Director Simon Hynd
Producer Catherine Gosling Fuller
Writer Simon Carlyle
Writer Gregor Sharp
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