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Murder Mystery

Series 2 - Episode 5 Murder Mystery



This week’s music over the closing credits is Elvis singing Suspicious Minds, a nod to the fact that the previous half-hour of lightly sautéed farce has been fueled by exactly that – the suspicious minds of Carol and Trevor.

It never takes much for these two innocents to get the wrong end of the social stick but at John’s birthday party, they excel themselves. John (Russ Abbott) has insisted on having a murder mystery game where everyone comes in costume, which means Trevor and Carol as a bishop and a nun, while Joyce and Alan chafe resentfully in the roles of domestic servants. But who is the mysterious Diego, Maureen’s mystery caller? Carol leaps, gazelle-like, to the wrong conclusion.


John decides to do something different for his birthday this year - attend a murder mystery party, with all the couples donning fancy dress appropriate to the scenario. It's not long however before there's a real-life puzzle - is it Maureen or her alter ego Lady Greystoke that is having an affair? Will Alan's success at re-gifting eventually come back to haunt him? And who exactly is the exotic-sounding Diego chap? Comedy, starring Russ Abbot, Philip Jackson, Alison Steadman, Stephanie Beacham, Paula Wilcox and James Smith.

Cast & Crew

Trevor James Smith
Carol Paula Wilcox
Joyce Alison Steadman
Alan Philip Jackson
John Russ Abbot
Maureen Stephanie Beacham
Diego Toby Longworth
Director Adam Miller
Producer Paul Schlesinger
Writer Richard Pinto
Writer Paul Rose
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