The Beginning and End of the Universe

The Beginning

Series 1 - Episode 1 The Beginning



Until now, Jim Al-Khalili's niche has largely been the very small; the freaky properties of the quantum realm. His series Atom, for instance, was groundbreaking because it covered previously underrepresented ground. This isn't the case here, because although he's as watchable as ever, he's treading a path that's become well worn on BBC4 over the past decade — the story of the Big Bang.

This first in a two-parter deals with Edwin Hubble's realisation that the universe is expanding, and the discovery of the residual radiation that gave weight to the Big Bang theory. Inevitably, we end up at the Large Hadron Collider in Geneva, with physicists creating matter "with a density equivalent to squeezing Mont Blanc down to the size of a grape".

If this is all news to you it'll blow your mind. If you're a Horizon regular, you might be immune to the barrage of cosmic stats.


Professor Jim Al-Khalili unravels the cosmic mystery of science's creation story, recreating key experiments to tackle the greatest question in science, beginning with how the universe came into being.

Cast & Crew

Executive Producer Jonathan Renouf