Series 2 - Episode 3



Sidney is now stepping out with Margaret, that cool, flirtatious woman from the police station, and he’s in the habit of kissing her full on the lips in public. This was, of course, common among 1950s vicars, though for some reason his housekeeper Mrs Maguire disapproves, probably because the poor woman is trapped by her blinkered 1950s world view.

Anyway, the relationship is soon imperilled (or so Geordie believes) by an amorous widow who takes a shine to him: “Take your shirt off,” she purrs at Sidney – as if he needed encouragement.

It’s quite a sexy episode, all in all, with a nicely murky film-noir mood to it, all femmes fatales and dark motives. Plus, lovely Amanda is back in Cambridge, with a rather sad cry for help.


A young man sat alone in the church and covered in blood confesses to Sidney and Geordie that he attacked and killed his landlord. However, when the pair investigate further, they find the alleged victim alive and well with his family. Elsewhere, Margaret's visits to the vicarage begin to leave Mrs Maguire irritated, Leonard is distracted by secretive trips to the cinema, and Geordie is compelled to deal with a surprising shoplifter. Drama set in the 1950s, starring James Norton and Robson Green.

Cast & Crew

Sidney Chambers James Norton
Geordie Keating Robson Green
Amanda Hopkins Morven Christie
Leonard Finch Al Weaver
Mrs Maguire Tessa Peake-Jones
Cathy Keating Kacey Ainsworth
Vivian Whitaker Liz White
Margaret Ward Seline Hizli
Daniel Marlowe Oliver Dimsdale
Phil Wilkinson Lorne MacFadyen
Theo Graham Jeremy Neumark Jones
Eric Whittaker Michael Shaeffer
Joan Whittaker Rosie Day
Raymond Clark John Voce
Director David O'Neill
Executive Producer Diederick Santer
Producer Emma Kingsman-Lloyd
Writer Daisy Coulam
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