Horizon: The Immortalist

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Horizon: The Immortalist

Series 52



Horizon returns for a new run of its elegant science films. I love the way each episode finds ways to set off depth charges in your brain as it charts profound ideas on the frontiers of research.

But boy, I wish they didn’t need to dress up every story in so much visual flash and filler. It’s worth making science look stylish, but there are just too many flickering lights and bits of footage projected on warehouse walls here – almost as if they don’t trust the subject to interest us.

Which it does, because that subject is the brain, and whether it will ever be possible to replicate your consciousness in a machine – and so gain immortality.


Investigating the story of how a Russian internet millionaire, Dmitry Itskov, is turning to cutting-edge science to try to unlock the secret of living for ever. The programme investigates the real science inspiring his bold plan to upload the human mind to a computer, and examines whether his goal of bringing about immortality for humans within thirty years is attainable.

Cast & Crew

Director Tristan Quinn
Producer Tristan Quinn
Series Editor Steve Crabtree
Documentary Science