The Inspectors Are Coming

The Inspectors Are Coming

Series 1 - Episode 3



John and George are wasted as Senior City Wardens. They’re utterly focused on identifying wrongdoers, pursuing their quarry, then swiftly bringing them down. They stop people dropping fag ends in Aberdeen city centre. “He’s going, he’s going… it’s gone!” says John, trotting after a butt-chucker in a leather jacket so he can fine him £80. Justice!

In east London, Andy is fighting against a rising tide of street urination. A taxi driver expresses his shame at having doused some railings, while a Romanian labourer’s on-the-spot penalty constitutes a day’s wages. Why couldn’t they wait? “It’s illogical,” muses Andy. “It’s un-rational. It makes no sense!”


The team in Aberdeen tries to track down a mystery dog-fouling felon, while inspectors in Newham tackle a spate of people urinating in public. Documentary about law enforcement teams up and down the UK that have to deal with everything from noisy neighbours to those who drop cigarette butts.

Cast & Crew

Director David Harris
Executive Producer Karl Warner
Executive Producer Sophie Leonard
Producer David Harris
Series Producer Anouk Curry