Nature's Miracle Orphans

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Manji & Mandi

Series 2 - Episode 4 Manji & Mandi



All the animals on this series need protection by humans, since the creatures’ parents are absent. This week, though, they’re also being protected from humans. In Costa Rica, tapirs – gorgeous, fatty waddlers with delightful squirming noses – are hunted for food by people as well as natural predators such as jaguars. But the first challenge for rescue tapir Mandi is acceptance by her own kind, because under those cute tapir noses are vicious teeth.

Across the Atlantic in South Africa, a conservationist called Petronel – who has a truly spectacular accent – looks after rhinos and hippos orphaned by poachers. Part of their rehabilitation process is a tragic necessity: rhinos are hunted for their horns, so these youngsters have theirs sanded off.


Lucy Cooke meets a white rhino preparing to return to the savannah, and Patrick Aryee watches a tapir being introduced to a family group in Costa Rica.

Cast & Crew

Presenter Lucy Cooke
Presenter Patrick Aryee
Executive Producer Jo Shinner
Producer Tom Jarvis
Series Producer Karen Beland