The Beginning and End of the Universe

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The End

Series 1 - Episode 2 The End



On the menu in this episode: the big crunch, the big rip and the big freeze. Not madcap ice cream flavours, but three possible fates for the universe, as postulated by physicists. None of them sounds very appetising.

Rather than suggesting any answers, this is more a history of how we came to know what we know – how the heavier elements were forged inside stars; how gravity is the key to our fate. What we don't know is even more fascinating. What are the dark matter and dark energy that constitute 95 per cent of everything that exists – and that mess up the physicists' neat equations? There are oodles of graphs and stats, but Jim Al-Khalili unties the knots with seemingly effortless lucidity.


Professor Jim Al-Khalili attempts to discover how the universe will end, with a bang or a whimper? He also encounters a mysterious and enigmatic force that promises to change physics for ever.

Cast & Crew

Presenter Jim Al-Khalili
Executive Producer Jonathan Renouf
Series Producer Nigel Paterson