One Born Every Minute

One Born Every Minute

Series 9 - Episode 2

Mon 25 Nov 12am - 1am W


I bet I’m not the only one wondering what happened nine months before this episode was filmed, because there’s a rush on the maternity ward of Liverpool Women’s Hospital, and delivery rooms are filling up fast.

In need of particular care and attention is self-confessed “princess” Sarah, whose baby is coming eight weeks early. Her fiancé Chris does his best to keep Sarah calm, but he begins to feel the tension too when there are complications with the birth.

Elsewhere Claire is hoping her partner Gary will grow up in time for their new addition, and Mormons Chloe and Daniel, who want a large family, are adding to their brood.


The midwives at Liverpool Women's Hospital face the mother of all shifts. With the maternity ward full, three couples manage to get a room, but have different experiences. Self-confessed princess Sarah and her devoted fiancé Chris arrive eight weeks earlier than expected. Big kid Gary strives to grow up and become the responsible father and husband that his partner Claire demands. And Mormons Chloe and Daniel hope their new baby will bring them a step closer to the large and busy family they dream of.

Cast & Crew

Executive Producer Sarah Swingler
Executive Producer Simon Kerfoot
Series Producer Bethan Arwel-Lewis