A Designer's Paradise

Series 4 - Episode 4 A Designer's Paradise



A devious woman with a keen interest in fashion and suspected of robbing a number of charities becomes a prime target for the team. Billy and Danny go undercover to set up the con, but their cover is threatened by a mysterious stranger demanding £20,000 to keep his silence. Marc Warren and Robert Vaughn star.

Cast & Crew

Danny Blue Marc Warren
Ash Morgan Robert Glenister
Stacie Monroe Jaime Murray
Billy Bond Ashley Walters
Albert Stroller Robert Vaughn
Eddie Rob Jarvis
Clarissa Frances Barber
Reece Malcolm Sinclair
Nathan Leon Black
Lester John Carlisle
Tina Vinette Robinson
Himself Richard Arnold
Landlord Bill Moody
Lu Choi Elizabeth Tan
Bouncer Mark Holden
Fashion Student Kieran Leonard
Director Stefan Schwartz
Producer Jolyon Symonds
Writer Colin Bytheway
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