24 Hours in A&E

Series 1 - Episode 9



It’s 03:10 on a Sunday morning and casualties are coming in by ambulance from a birthday party. It appears that a group of would-be gatecrashers produced a samurai sword and two of the hosts were stabbed in the fight that followed. “Some of the things you see,” reflects senior sister Jen, “they can make you feel, ‘What’s the world coming to?’”

Jen is the one with the short hair and the eyebrow piercing: caring, funny, but you wouldn’t want to mess with her. She has her hands full as serious “trauma calls” collide with well-refreshed teenagers whose injuries were sustained falling off a bar they were dancing on. It’s another excellent instalment.


The medical team faces a range of sport and drink-related injuries on a busy Saturday, including two women hurt when the bar they were dancing on collapsed, and a bricklayer badly cut in an attempted mugging. The night's most dramatic case occurs when a father and son are brought in with life-threatening injuries after being attacked by gatecrashers at a family birthday party, one of whom was armed with a samurai sword.

Cast & Crew

Executive Producer Nick Curwin
Executive Producer Magnus Temple
Series Director Anthony Philipson
Series Director Amy Flanagan
Series Producer Anthony Philipson
Series Producer Amy Flanagan
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