One Born Every Minute

One Born Every Minute

Series 6 - Episode 9

Wednesday 11pm - 12am W


“I just want to meet you now. Hurry up!” groans a mother to her unborn baby. She is desperate for her labour to get going and to be as quick as her three previous deliveries. “My labours are quick – two pushes, three pushes, out, cup of tea, lovely,” she says optimistically, but it’s ten years since her last child and things may not go as smoothly.

That tiresome wait for labour to speed up sees several mums walking round the corridors like weary lost souls. (“Midwifery is the art of masterly inactivity,” says one of the staff.) Also impatient to meet her baby is Nicola, who has a caesarean booked. She and her partner are both nurses – who don’t always make the best patients.


Nicola and Tim, who are both nurses, hope their second child's birth will be less dramatic than their first, who was born after an emergency C-section. Expectant mum Laura, 29, has battled anorexia nervosa since she was a teenager and was told she would never be able to have children because of the impact of her eating disorder. However, she and partner Delroy are now looking forward to the arrival of baby number three. Tracy is days past her due date and her little one is refusing to make an appearance.

Cast & Crew

Director Claire Martin
Executive Producer Sarah Swingler
Producer Claire Martin
Series Producer Amy Joyce