One Born Every Minute

One Born Every Minute

Series 6 - Episode 8



Things get a bit soppy at Southmead Hospital’s maternity unit in an episode that looks at the power of love. Or rather, as one midwife puts it, “love is definitely the best pain relief.”

We focus on a series of attentive, cooing dads and dads-to-be and we hear how relationships formed and flourished. Jack and Vikki, who look so young yet have two children and are about to have their third, both had difficult childhoods. They are completely wrapped up in each other, as are Jon and Sarah, who first met at junior school. Chris and Naomi, on the other hand, first locked eyes in a Blackpool nightclub when Chris was all alone on a sofa, abandoned by his mates and surrounded by their handbags.


Sarah and Jonathan met at junior school as eight-year-olds and were best friends for years until they eventually got together. Now they're in Southmead expecting their second baby, but the mother-to-be is getting increasingly anxious and the memory of her difficult first labour begins to induce a panic attack. Meanwhile, Vikki and Jack are having their first child and are keen for a big family after going through lonely and troubled upbringings themselves, while Naomi has to spend the night in hospital away from her partner Chris as she waits for labour to kick in.

Cast & Crew

Director Heidi Perry
Executive Producer Sarah Swingler
Producer Heidi Perry
Series Producer Amy Joyce