Strip Jack

Series 3 - Episode 3 Strip Jack



After the wife of prominent charity campaigner Gregor Jack is murdered, Rebus wonders whether her husband committed the crime - especially as he was recently spotted patronising a brothel. Jack's PA and publicist seem to have secrets to hide, but when evidence linking the victim to a convicted sex offender also comes to light, the detective is faced with working out which of his suspects is really responsible. Ken Stott stars.

Cast & Crew

DI John Rebus Ken Stott
DCS Gill Templar Jennifer Black
DS Siobhan Clarke Claire Price
Prostitute Annette Westwood
Gregor Jack Gary Lewis
Angela Emma Currie
Jeff Curt Robert Stuart
Liz Jack Leigh Biagi
Kevin Urquart Andrew Clark
Gail Maitland Joanne Froggatt
Alice Alicia Devine
William Glass Finlay McLean
Vincent Hawkes Gary Lamont
Waitress Jane Stabler
Director Matthew Evans
Executive Producer Eric Coulter
Producer Alan J Wands
Writer Robert Murphy
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