Salt Lake Sinners

Series 5 - Episode 1 Salt Lake Sinners



The Mormon stronghold of Salt Lake City isn't the first place in the US you'd associate with drug abuse. But behind its conservative façade, something is killing the city's residents at a higher rate than road accidents, and it's not smack or crack – it's prescription opiates.

For some, these black-market pills are acting as a gateway to class-A drugs, leading to an influx of street-corner hustlers and even Mexican cartels. “I'm doing God's work,” claims one high-ranking heroin dealer, with astoundingly misplaced sincerity.

It's a worrying peek behind the curtains of one of America's most devout communities, featuring narration by reformed Fun Lovin' Criminal Huey Morgan.


Exploring the drug epidemic engulfing Salt Lake City in Utah and its Mormon community, where prescription pill abuse is among the highest in the US. Plus, the work of the Drug Enforcement Administration to try to prevent Mexican cartels entering the city with narcotics.