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Series 1 - Episode 2 Pals



How do you begin to dramatise the first Battle of the Somme? Over five months in 1916, there were 420,000 casualties and 95,000 soldiers died. How can a low-budget drama with a small cast convey any of that without doing it an injustice? Well, the producers here have found a way, and it works superbly well.

By focusing on one young man from Manchester and his battle with his conscience over whether to take part in a firing squad, the drama takes us on a grippingly tense emotional journey. As Private Paddy Kennedy sits up at night debating the rights and wrongs of the war with a worldly chaplain, we see how he signed up, was trained and got his first taste of action, winding up stranded in an area of forest and also, with his comrades, spiritually lost in the woods.


Warehouse clerk Paddy Kennedy volunteers to fight alongside his friends in the Manchester Pals regiment in 1916. However, he finds himself fighting more than just the Germans, when the system requires him to execute one of his comrades. Drama based on the experiences of British soldiers during the First World War, starring Luke Tittensor.

Cast & Crew

Paddy Kennedy Luke Tittensor
Fr Brooks Stuart Graham
Henry Delaney Lewis Reeves
Andy Michael Socha
William Hunt Chris Mason
Lizzie Hannah Britland
Sgt Mitchell Paul Popplewell
Jim Bobby Schofield
Crombie Sandy Batchelor
Maj Davies Anthony Shuster
Wiltshire Michael Peavoy
Regimental Sergeant Major Andrew MacBean
Soldier Laurie Kynaston
Director Ben Chanan
Producer Susan Horth
Writer Joe Barton
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