The Crystal Skull

Series 5 - Episode 10 The Crystal Skull



Much to his colleagues' amusement and BA's irritation, Murdock is revered as a god on a remote island where natives are being forced to mine diamonds by a gang of ruthless mercenaries. Action adventure, starring Dwight Schultz and George Peppard.

Cast & Crew

BA Baracus Mr T
Hannibal Smith George Peppard
Face Dirk Benedict
Howling Mad Murdock Dwight Schultz
Frankie `Dishpan' Santana Eddie Velez
General Hunt Stockwell Robert Vaughn
Chief Sikahama Manu Tupou
Chief Walekino Sam Hiona
Brother Francisco Peter Iacangelo
Leesa Rochelle Ashana
Kolou Art Tizon
McVee Jack Verbois
Native 1 Richard Herkert
Native 2 Titus Napoleon
Director Michael O'Herlihy
Writer Bill Nuss
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