Judgement Day - Part One

Series 4 - Episode 1 Judgement Day - Part One

Today 5pm - 6pm Paramount Network
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Fri 31 Jan, 9am - 10am Paramount Network


Part one of two. The gang embarks on a trip to Europe to rescue a kidnapped girl. Action adventure, starring George Peppard and Dirk Benedict.

Cast & Crew

Sgt Bosco `BA' Baracus Mr T
Col John `Hannibal' Smith George Peppard
Lt Templeton `Faceman' Peck Dirk Benedict
Capt HM `Howling Mad' Murdock Dwight Schultz
Judge Mordente Dana Elcar
Lori LaGena Hart
Joe Scarlett Robert Miranda
Gino Zack Norman
Marta Ana Obregon
Nicky Carl Strano
Colonel Roderick Decker Lance LeGault
Cindy Nicolette Scorsese
Bailiff Ben Jurand
Doctor Craig Keith Walker
Director David Hemmings
Writer Frank Lupo
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