The Island

Series 3 - Episode 8 The Island



Hannibal and his soldiers of fortune take on a band of ruthless drug pushers who are terrorising a remote island community.

Cast & Crew

BA Baracus Mr T
Hannibal George Peppard
Face Dirk Benedict
Murdock Dwight Schultz
Captain Crane Carl Franklin
Falani Carole Davis
Old man villager William Dyer
Oldman Jacobs Gordon Ross
Nora Loyda Ramos
Melo Diego Palacios
Mickey Alejandro Garay
Ryker Sonny Landham
Captain Fallone James Callahan
Johnny Vescari Raul Drake
Colonel Roderick Decker Lance LeGault
Island boy Alphy Hoffman
Director Michael O'Herlihy
Writer Mark Jones
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