The Grey Team

Series 5 - Episode 12 The Grey Team



The soldiers of fortune protect a girl who is being hunted by the KGB for top-secret documents relating to the `Star Wars' project. Action adventure, starring Mr T and George Peppard.

Cast & Crew

BA Baracus Mr T
Hannibal Smith George Peppard
Face Dirk Benedict
Howling Mad Murdock Dwight Schultz
Paula Anderson Moya Kordick
Frankie `Dishpan' Santana Eddie Velez
General Hunt Stockwell Robert Vaughn
Bernie Greene Lew Ayres
George Nemchek John McLiam
Randy Anderson Michael Shannon
Saroff Tony Steedman
Iris Vosburgh Paula Victor
Olga Lynn Longos
Erica Leigh Kilton
Director Michael O'Herlihy
Writer Tom Blomquist
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