The Taxicab Wars

Series 2 - Episode 7 The Taxicab Wars



A cab company is terrorised by a rival firm - but luckily the benevolent mercenaries are on hand to help. Action adventure, starring Mr T and George Peppard.

Cast & Crew

Sgt Bosco `BA' Baracus Mr T
Col John `Hannibal' Smith George Peppard
Lt Templeton `Faceman' Peck Dirk Benedict
Capt HM `Howling Mad' Murdock Dwight Schultz
Amy Amanda Allen Melinda Culea
Strike Edward Lynch
Abel Ryder Brion James
Cal Freeman Ernie Hudson
Miler Crane Michael Ironside
Tina Lavell Liz Sheridan
Director Gilbert M Shilton
Writer Stephen J Cannell
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