One Born Every Minute

One Born Every Minute

Series 6 - Episode 5



All births are remarkable but this edition features remarkable parents, too. Dan and Heather, for instance, are expecting their fourth child. Their twins have severe cerebral palsy and they wanted to give their second son a sibling who was healthy. None of their children have reached their fifth birthday yet so it’s a courageous decision.

Naomi and Dan are devout Christians and when she’s not wearing a tent-like birthing dress to retain her modesty, it’s clear she wears the trousers in the household. And Catherine and Simon have opted for an elective caesarian to produce their second “miracle” baby. Meanwhile, the midwives play silly games with digestive biscuits.


Catherine and Simon went through years of fertility treatment to have their first son, which took a toll on their love life, but five years later, awaiting an elective C-section for their second baby, it's a different story - a spontaneous romantic evening resulted in an unexpected positive pregnancy test. Heather ran into complications during her first pregnancy and had to deliver twins at 24 weeks. They pulled through, but cerebral palsy and other issues have meant she is now a full-time carer to them both. She also has Alfie, and after he was born, she and partner Dan decided they would have a fourth child to give him a companion to help share the responsibility of siblings with a disability. Christian couple Naomi and Dan tied the knot young and had their first child 13 months ago. Now, they're back at Southmead for baby number two.

Cast & Crew

Director Sophie Waldron
Executive Producer Sarah Swingler
Producer Sophie Waldron
Series Producer Amy Joyce