Northern Soul: Living for the Weekend

Northern Soul: Living for the Weekend
Sat 28 Jul 1:05am - 2:05am BBC Four


Not in the know about Northern Soul? Prepare to be bombarded by the most fantastic records you've never heard, as the intros of classic stompers by Luther Ingram, the Contours, Leon Haywood and other nearly-weres flash past, as fresh and urgent now as they were in the 1970s when thousands of working-class kids found salvation in dancing to them all night, every Saturday.

All the scene's biggest DJs – Russ Winstanley, Richard Searling, the irrepressible Ian Levine – are on hand in this efficient popumentary, explaining how 45s dismissed as Motown knock-offs in the States, were embraced years later in the crumbling industrial towns of northern Britain.

The film is stronger on the mechanics of the various clubs than it is on the sharp style and desperate romance of Northern culture, but that pounding soundtrack is still sublime.


A look at the rise, fall and rebirth of the music and dance movement that took place across the north of England during the 1970s. Archive footage and vivid first-hand accounts reveal the dynamic culture of fashions, dance moves and musical obsessions that were all fuelled by a unique style of black American soul music based on heavy beats. With contributions by Richard Searling, Ian Levine, Colin Kurtis, Kev Roberts, Pete Waterman, Peter Stringfellow and others.

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